our capabilities

Our record of excellent quality and delivery performance all stem from the core of our business- DIE CASTING, and we offer so much more.

Die Casting

Our record of excellent quality and delivery performance all stem from the core of our business- Die Casting.

We produce castings with several different alloys.  Depending on the product, we can match an alloy with the proper physical characteristics to best suit your application.  Currently, we manufacture parts from the following:

Aluminum Alloys:  413, 383, 390 & 360

Delphi Aluminum K-Alloy


In the die casting process; all machine settings, shot speeds and other performance data are continuously recorded and analyzed to optimize efficient output and top quality.

Through the use of a combination of automated ladles, robotic extractors, overhead reciprocators and experienced die cast personnel, we can adapt to just about any production run whether it be high, low or medium volume.

By adhering to strict process control, and along with our on-site X-ray, CMM and CNC machining centers, we can consistently monitor our quality and avoid potential defects not visible or detectable by functional gauges.


Our expert machining staff and equipment can tackle the toughest and most complex machining operations.  With our diverse mix of robotic CNC machining cells, custom machines, along with operator controlled CNC machines, we can optimize maximum output and reduce cycle time through continuous improvement.

Job Specific custom made fixtures & machines can cut cycle times dramatically, lowering overall cost.  We have several custom made machines that can be changed out quickly and tailored to each unique project.

Assembly & More

ADC Diecasting, LLC can provide numerous types of assembly operations, at your request.  We can perform 100% leak testing and inspection as well as component assembly.  We are capable of assembling high volume, complex subassemblies with multiple components, operations and quality checks.

We also offer a myriad of in-house, and outside, secondary operations.  Such operations include, but are not limited to, aluminum anodizing, paint, powdercoating, impregnation, and shotblasting.

EDI Capable

With our customized, automated EDI (Electronic Data interchange) system, we can automatically send ASNs (advance shipping notices) as soon as the freight leaves the dock.  Our EDI coordinators are capable of responding immediately to JIT order changes and new order requests.

We can cater to just about any logistics arrangement and effectively manage multiple ship to locations.  We strive to maintain 100% on time shipments.