About Us

established in 1926

Our Origin

Anderson Diecasting, LLC, (ADC) was established back in 1926, in Chicago, Illinois, by Ward Anderson Sr.  At the time, ADC was known as Anderson Tool and Manufacturing Company and was primarily a tool and die operation. 

In 1946, the Anderson family started manufacturing small production runs with customized die cast machines designed in house.

By 1971, Anderson Die Casting moved from the Chicago location to a brand new 43,000 Sq. Ft facility in Wheeling IL.  Along with the new building and a large investment into new technology, Anderson Die Casting became a state of the art facility specializing in aluminum and zinc castings with the ability to serve a variety of customers.

John Deere became the first major OEM customer, in the mid-seventies, followed by Ford Motor Company, Delco Electronics and Delphi Chassis.

The company was acquired by Patrick Tang and Cyrus Tang of Tang Industries in 1992.

A 20,000-square foot plant expansion was completed in 1995 to house growth in CNC machining operations.  Over 80% of die cast components shipped are fully machined and ready for assembly.  In 1997, an acquisition was made of a 125,000-square foot building in Elk Grove to house growth in die casting, automated machining, and assembly operations. The first die casting production in the building was begun in August of 1999.

In 2009 all manufacturing was combined from Wheeling into the Elk Grove Village Plant.


What we have become

ADC DIECASTING, LLC focuses on manufacturing precise custom die casting and machining through continuous upgrading, acquisition of state of the art machines, and technology.  ADC specializes in high volume diecasting, machining and production/assembly operations. 

ADC DIECASTING, LLC product lines include automotive drive train components, automotive electronic heat sinks and housings, parking brake components, consumer appliance and furniture components.